Some Audience Feedback, December 17 Concert

The orchestra just gets better and better

 “Has the orchestra got bigger?

It is lovely to see and hear the church resounding
with Christmas carols from a full ‘congregation’!
It’s always a pleasure to listen to the concerts – I
especially enjoyed the Nutcracker pieces as they
were in my father’s LP record collection we played
often on the gramophone as children and so very

Old Kirk Trust Chair, Rosemary Potter.

Boy oh boy the concert today was a treat – a real touch of genius!! I hope you’ll pass on my congratulations and admiration to everyone involved on such an achievement. It was outstanding and, frankly, would be hard to better.

I’ve been telling so many people about the concert
on Sunday. I put a post on Facebook and ‘liked’ posts
by other people who’d been involved.
I thought the
orchestra made a wonderful job of ‘The Snow Queen’.
I’d forgotten how lovely it was. Sandra was just
fabulous. I heard every word too, and that’s not easy in
that acoustic. All in all a wonderful afternoon.”