…from Conflict…to Resolution…through dialogue | 2014/2015

Listen to the recording of Ballad made by KOS at Dunfermline High School on Tuesday 17 March 2015


Ballad – John Gourlay.
Martha Ann Brookes – Trombone. Kirkcaldy Orchestral Society conducted by Graeme Wilson.
Recorded at Dunfermline High School Tuesday 17 March 2015.
Recorded by Richard Alexander

When Martha Ann Brookes accepted the orchestra’s invitation to play Sir Patrick Spens with Kirkcaldy Orchestral Society it was thought that it could accompany a new companion piece. The composer returned to the vast treasury of our culture in the ancient ballads and was attracted to the account of the 1388 Battle of Otterbournebetween the Scottish Douglas and English Percy families. Couching this encounter of two bands of armed thugs in terms of medieval chivalry, the ballad was always a favourite. The Elizabethan poet Philip Sidney said that it moved his heart more that a trumpet call and on his deathbed Walter Scott was said to have quoted its best known line, “My wound is deep, I fain would sleep.” However, whilst working on the piece the composer decided to move it away from a programmatic character into the realm of abstract instrumental music. So the listener may well detect echoes of a battle, the demise of a protagonist, a trumpet call or even the line given above, but that is up to the listener.

WITH THE AUTUMN ALLIES – Tuesday 7 October 2014, 7.00pm at the Old Kirk, Kirkcaldy

With guests THE KINGDOM FIDDLERS, the programme includes The Banks of Green Willow – Tunes from the Trenches – from Symphony 8, Scubert – from Symphony 100, Haydn – The Dambusters March – The Great Escape


ON THE WINTER WATCH – Sunday 14 December 2014, 2.00pm and 3.45pm at the Old Kirk, Kirkcaldy

With the LANGTOUN SINGERS (conductor Ella Wilson) and Sandra Taylor, Narrator and Anne McIntyre, Digital Images, the programme includes Overture Tam O’Shanter – The Twelve Days of (not so Happy) Christmas – Hallelujah Chorus – Carols – Folk Song Suite



Sunday 15 March 2015, 3.00pm at the Old Kirk, Kirkcaldy

Tuesday 17 March 2015, 7.00pm at Dunfermline High School


Festive Overture – Shostakovitch; Prelude and Fugue, The Spitfire – Walton; Sir Patrick Spens and Ballad – John Gourlay; Overture, Prince Igor – Borodin; Miss Saigon selection; The Fife Volunteer March