Travelling with KOS | 2011/2012

Fife Festival Success

On 8 February the orchestra performed at the Fife Festival of Music in their non-competitive class of Amateur & School Orchestra & Wind Band. The adjudicator was Bryan Allen, whose comments were as follows.

An impressive looking orchestra!

Travelling – excellent flute and oboe – a nice bouncy rhythm and the music dances along well. Good dynamic detail and lots of musical interest. An enjoyable opening item.

Four Ways movt 1 – Eric Coates – again, strong rhythm is evident. Nice full string sound and very neat and tidy in the winds. Strong and clean brass at B. All goes well, with many qualities to note – a good tutti orchestral sound, with strong individual and section contributions around the orchestra. Lovely clarinet at F and a great dynamic contrast. Good brass a I (try to sustain even more). Finely executed diminuendo, with good bassoon and viola, then cello and bass. I love Eric Coates and haven’t heard this piece before, so thank you. Very refined quiet playing towards the end – with excellent woodwinds (particularly bassoon) and muted trumpet. A very convincing and enjoyable performance.

Postcardsmovts. 1 & 5. Kilmartin – atmospheric opening well handled. It could maybe grow a bit more to the ????, but well played otherwise. Nicely done woodwinds at B – very impressive. Well sustained, full string sound at C (brass could be stronger here to give more room for the diminuendo coming). Statue  – exciting writing and playing. Well done. A well disciplined and organisedperformance with much to enjoy – thank you composer, conductor and orchestra.

Waltz from The Orient Express. Again, great programme choice (although not an easy one to play!). I just sat back and listened and enjoyed this. Well done.

Winter Concert 2011

  • Sunday, 18 December 2011 at 2:00pm and 3:45pm.
  • St Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy.

The programme will include seasonal and Christmas music, the short story with music, Kratchetjaw and the Legendary Monster of Fife, written by pupils of Denend Primary School, Cardenden and Carols for All. Guests the Langtoun Singers will perform.

Spring Forward Concert 2012

  • 3.00pm. Sunday, 11 March 2012.
  • Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy.

Come aboard the Highland Express as it travels from Kirkcaldy to an unknown destination, solve the Murder On The Orient Express, enjoy the Four Ways Suite by the ever popular Eric Coates, be present at the first performance of Postcards From Scotland by John Gourlay and finally hitch a lift with Wagner’s Valkyries as they Ride away.

Tickets priced £6 & £4 can be obtained from the Adam Smith Theatre box office or from orchestra members.